Get your foot questions answered!

By Jamie Riverman

Q. Can massage help foot cramps?
A. Cramping is a involuntary contraction of the muscle. This contraction suddenly deprives the muscle of oxygen and it can’t function properly.
Massaging helps to relieve and prevent leg and foot cramping by breaking up muscle tension and reintroducing circulation to the area, as well as reducing muscle tone and flushing out toxins.

Q. Why do my toes tingle or go numb?
A. One of the reasons you feel tingling or numbness in your feet and toes is due to poor circulation. Adequate circulation to your feet is vital. Good circulation keeps your feet healthy and happy. With massage you can reintroduce circulation. Massage therapy breaks up muscle tension which constricts the flow of circulation. With regular massage therapy you reintroduce circulation and prevent and reduce aggravating feet.