Starting a new workout routine? How massage therapy can help

By Jamie Riverman

Massage therapy can enhance many facets of a new weight loss program and aid in even greater results! Collectively we tend to think of massage therapy as pampering for primarily well-to-do people or a special treat for the occasional recipient. On a regular basis though, studies have shown massage therapy to have increased weight reduction results for a number of reasons. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the advantages.

Post-Workout Pain

From time to time our muscles cry out for mercy during or after a good workout. This happens all too often when we forget to stretch afterward. Ice packs and over-the-counter pain relievers only do so much. Massage is a good way to soothe muscle strains.

Lactic and carbonic acids are excreted by your body during a workout as well. By increasing the circulation with massage therapy you are provided with a much shorter recovery time after a hard workout.

General Musculoskeletal Complaints

Not all of us work in perfect ergonomic positions and our back pays the price. We end up with tightened muscles and even knots in the upper back and shoulders. Being in the same position for hours on end decreases circulation and causes difficulty in maintaining proper posture 100% of the time. If you work in a seated position in front of a computer for the majority of each day, you probably slouch your shoulders and even the lower legs and ankles may become swollen. A full body massage can increase circulation and relieve musculoskeletal tension.

Behavior Health and Motivation

If you’ve never had a real massage, it’s high time you treated yourself. You leave feeling rejuvenated, beautified, energized and relaxed all at the same time. Aches and pains can cause us to be in a bad mood, but after the massage you just feel on top of the world and ready for your next workout! As a motivation boost, nothing beats a massage.

Massage therapy alone isn’t going to get you into a bikini or your favorite little black dress, but it certainly will affect other efforts to lose weight and get into shape. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with what we can’t eat and how much exercise we have to endure to shed those extra pounds.

Massage therapy can be the cherry on top of the cake and even help you reach your goals! Let us help you!

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